Cleve Miller

Imię i nazwisko: Cleve Miller

Temat  wystąpienia: Digital approaches to personalising business English and ESP courses

Język wystąpienia: angielski

Czas trwania wystąpienia: 50 minut


Every day thousands of teachers are mixing and matching content from published ELT materials, then creating their own lessons, tasks and exercises, all to fit the specific needs of their BE students. Today, new web technologies provide digital tools for this process of developing materials and designing courses, either for online delivery or for the classroom.

This talk will first discuss these new approaches to designing and delivering training, and how this „playlist” course design can result in highly personalized, performance focused learning for our BE students. Second, we will look at the English360 web platform, which we created to provide free tools for collaborative content development, self-publishing, and blended course delivery for teachers and schools worldwide.

Nota biograficzna:

Since 1989, Cleve has designed, managed and taught business English programs in 11 countries to thousands of students in over fifty Global-500 companies. Since 1998 he has had a single-minded obsession with effective use of the web for learner-centered language teaching. He leads the English360 project, in partnership with Cambridge University Press.