Ernest Mosquera

Imię i nazwisko: Ernest Mosquera

Temat  wystąpienia: Bring the classroom alive with real English: (Skills Work-Exploiting Authentic Material)

Język wystąpienia:  angielski

Czas trwania wystąpienia: 60 minut


As teachers we are constrained by the course book, however, there are ways to bring the activities alive by integrating authentic material into our everyday lessons. In this workshop we will look at a variety of activities that use real world material. This workshop will also consider the pros and cons of this kind of material and outlines a procedure of how to exploit authentic materials for classroom use.

Nota biograficzna:

Ernest Mosquera has worked in the field of ELT for over 10 years as a teacher, teacher trainer and in ELT materials development. Between 2003-2009 he worked for the British Council in Spain, Jordan and Poland. He was Senior Teacher Manager of the Young Learner Department at the British Council in Warsaw until 2009. He has delivered numerous teacher training workshops in Spain, Italy and Poland. He currently divides his time between editing, lecturing, and consultancy work and is the English Editor for Centrum Psychoedukacji i Pomocy Psychologiczej in Lublin, Poland.