Geoff Tranter

Imię i nazwisko: Geoff Tranter

Temat  wystąpienia:  Using Portfolios in Language Teaching

Język wystąpienia:  angielski/niemiecki

Czas trwania wystąpienia:

a)      Using Portfolios in Language Teaching – 60 minut

b)      Interkulturelle Kompetenz – 45 minut


Using Portfolios in Language Teaching

What is a portfolio? The answer given by the Council of Europe is: “It is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language – whether at school or outside school – can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences.”. And there are now more than 100 European Language Portfolios that have been accredited by the Council of Europe for all areas of language learning and teaching, from pre-school all the way to university education and further education. But what are the aims of the document and how can it best be used both by teachers and students in order to improve language learning? These are the questions this talk will focus on.

Was ist das und wie kann ich das vermitteln?

Sprachliche Kompetenz und interkulturelle Kompetenz sind zwei wichtige Aspekte einer erfolgreichen Kommunikation und von daher sehr stark miteinander verbunden. Das eine kann es ohne das andere nicht geben. Aber was ist genau unter dem Begriff „interkulturelle Kompetenz bzw. Kommunikation“ zu verstehen? Und wie ist sie im Rahmen des Unterrichts zu vermitteln? In diesem Workshop werden praktische Ideen für die tägliche Kursarbeit vor- und zur Diskussion gestellt.

Nota biograficzna:

Geoff Tranter has regularly attended the IATEFL Conferences in Poland and Hungary offering a number of workshops and plenaries on topics relating to the CEF, testing and general teaching methodology. He is now a free-lance consultant for a wide range of educational institutions and ministries including Ministries of Education and the German Federal Ministry of Aviation.