Grzegorz Śpiewak

Imię i nazwisko: Dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

Temat  wystąpienia: ELFish: to speak or not to speak…?

Język wystąpienia:  angielski

Czas trwania wystąpienia:  60 minut


… or is this even a question?? In this session I shall offer my own take on ‘ELF’, better known as the English as a lingua franca. It has been the object  of one of the most heated debates in recent ELT history – to my mind, more often than not resulting either from a misrepresentation of the original views, or – more interestingly perhaps – from a failure to recognize underlying intentions and possible implications for the average EFL classroom.

Rather than taking sides, however, I shall present a sample of ELF-inspired methodology for the Polish EFL classroom. This will serve as a point of departure for critically evaluating several chief assumptions underlying the Communicative Language Teaching paradigm, and for re-thinking the mainstream foreign language syllabus.

Nota biograficzna:

Grzegorz Śpiewak A double MA in English & Linguistics (University of Essex, UK and University of Warsaw), PhD in Linguistics (University of Warsaw 2000).

Head ELT Consultant for Macmillan Polska, teacher trainer, methodology adviser, ELT materials’ writer,  former president of IATEFL-Poland (currently on its Honorary Committee). Founder and president of DOS-Teacher Training Solutions, an independent teacher development centre. Deputy Director for Practical English & CLIL and senior lecturer at the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw.

His chief professional interests are teacher development (incl. applications of new media and new technologies), syllabus design (incl. classroom implications of CEFR), education towards plurilingualism (incl. ELF-related issues, re-defining pedagogical objectives, maintaining standards of excellence).

Grzegorz is the author of a number of articles, reviews and EFL materials. His track record also includes a section on Polish pronunciation of English in ‘Learner English’ edited by M. Swan & B. Smith, CUP, as well as an ELF case study for Poles learning English in the upcoming OUP volume by Robin Walker (to appear in 2010).